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What is the marketing challenge that all local businesses face?

Last updated 6 years ago

People spend more time online than ever, 50% of media consumption happens online.  People spend more time online than they do watching TV, reading newspapers and reading magazines. This makes it harder and harder to reach local consumers.  Reaching those potential clients used to be simple-newspapers, yellow pages, radio, TV billboards and word of mouth.  Now there are 100’s of places your customers are looking online and it’s practically impossible to manage.

Your customers are being digitized.  There is a major shift happening, people are finding media in many different places.  How do you currently get your news?  Find a business?  Keep in contact with friends?

Your business is also becoming digitized.  The fundamentals of marketing hasn’t changed, most business owners still want to build their presence, acquire new customers, retain current customers and manage their reputation.   The difference is how.  Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it used to be.

What are the two types of customers that matter the most to you?  Those who are looking for you, and those who you are looking for.  Who are you trying to bring in?

With Reachlocal we can help you find both of those customers.  We can put you in front of those customers who are specifically looking for you and for what you do…and we can also place you in front of those people who may not have a need today but over time become familiar with your business by seeing it more often in more places.


Currently, there are 3 conversations going on online:

1-SEARCH-Local Buyers, in Reach

As your prospective consumers abandon traditional print media (like newspapers and paper yellow pages) and spend more time online, how can you turn local online searches into phone calls?

Introducing ReachSearch: pay-per-click search engine advertising developed specifically for local and regional businesses.

Be At the Right Place – At the Right Time

ReachSearch is the most affordable and effective way to get your local business in front of people in your service area right as they're ready to make a purchase. That’s because we cover over 98%* of the places where North Americans search online. Because we’re not bound to any publishers except the ones that deliver the best results for you, we include heavyweights like Google AdWords™, Yahoo!® and Bing™ as well as the ReachLocal Search Network: a stack of powerful specialty sites that can turbo-charge your campaign.

2-SURF-Maximum Online Awareness, in Reach

Traditional advertising alone just can’t generate effective brand awareness now that your potential customers are consuming more and more online media. So how can you get your message in front of them now?

Build brand and product awareness with ReachDisplay: online display advertising developed specifically for local and regional businesses.

Reach More, Reach Smarter

By using advanced targeting and optimization techniques not available in the offline world, ReachDisplay targets your message to potential local customers where they will be the most receptive and more likely to interact with it: the most popular local and national news, entertainment and lifestyle sites. While these consumers may not need your product or service today, ReachDisplay builds top-of-mind awareness so your brand will be the one they remember when they’re ready to buy.

ReachDisplay also works in tandem with ReachSearch by retargeting your ad to customers who have previously expressed interest in your business by visiting your website.

3-SOCIAL: Your Entire Web Presence, in Reach

Consumers are searching for and engaging with local businesses on many sites across the Web. So how can you make sure they’re finding you?  Introducing ReachCast: everything you need to optimize your Web Presence and get discovered in more places online.

ReachCast is a powerful combination of proprietary technology and expert service that manages your entire Web Presence – so you can focus on running your business. Armed with experience in SEO, social media marketing, and reputation management, your dedicated Web Presence Professional (WPP) consults with you to create and execute the perfect Web Presence strategy.

How important is it to you to be involved in these conversations?


There are 4 main reasons why you shou

ld choose Reachlocal.


Reachlocal was founded in 2004 and backed by leading venture capitalists.  We are led by executives of top internet and technology companies such as Apple, Yahoo and Oracle.  We have a sales force of over 800 and we are currently in over 38 states and we also have offices in Australia, Canada and the UK.

Why ReachLocal and not the other guy?

We are the first company to deliver search marketing, call tracking, conversion based optimization and display advertising to local businesses.

We are bringing Fortune 500 marketing capabilities to local businesses and we have over 600,000 monthly campaigns that are generating over 16 million phone calls and 10 million online contacts.

We have the broadest reach. We cover over 98% of the places people search online.

We have 100 plus marketing specialists and campaign managers w/ 100 plus years of collective experience.

Our technology manages, tracks, reports and optimizes your campaign to get the most out of your ad dollar.

In 2009 we won the Deloitte award as the #1 fastest growing technology companies.  The only other internet technology company that has received this award was Google in 2004.  We also were #39 in INC 500 fastest growing “private companies”. We went public in May.

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

2-Our reach.

The whole local Internet, in reach.

With all your prospects spending more time searching, surfing and socializing online, how do you keep your business in front of them?

ReachSearch™ gives you maximum reach by covering over 98%* of online searches in North America . Our network includes major search engines like Google AdWords™, Yahoo!®,® and Bing™ – plus a stack of powerful specialty search and directory sites that can turbo-charge your ad campaign.
*Hitwise, 2009.

With ReachDisplay™, we team up with some of the top national news, entertainment and lifestyle site networks to give your brand maximum local visibility where people spend the most time online.

Want to reach even further? The ReachLocal Xchange has an ever-expanding variety of innovative advertising options to keep your business in front of potential consumers.

What makes the ReachLocal Xchange so powerful? It's:

  • Expansive. Whether you want your ad broadcast on your customers’ favorite sites, or you want help creating the perfect display ad, your Internet Marketing Consultant (IMC) has access to the largest variety of publishers and solutions experts all in one place.
  • Exclusive. More media outlets and creative professionals know the ReachLocal Xchange is the one platform where they can offer unique, custom ad packages and services to local businesses seeking innovative marketing solutions.
  • Easy to use. View detailed offerings, samples and more to see exactly what each publisher or professional can do for your business. And your dedicated IMC will help advise, guide and act as your account manager so you can have more time to run your business.


Proven results, in reach.

The Internet moves fast, but our patent-pending technology never misses a beat. And with hundreds of thousands of successful campaigns to our name, we – and our clients – know it works. Campaigns are constantly and automatically optimized to squeeze the most out of each ad dollar. Want proof? Our detailed campaign reports let you see for yourself, all displayed in easy-to-read graphs and charts.

Reverse Proxy

Simple. Subtle. Effective. Reverse Proxy is what enables us to track all activity generated from your ad without ever needing to contact your webmaster. Anyti

me someone visits your website through a ReachLocal ad, we pull your existing URL through our servers so your pages look and feel the same, but with added, undetectable enhancements that let us track calls, page views, web forms, emails and more. Campaigns go live faster, website conversion gets a boost – and you don’t have to


a finger.

Conversion-based Optimization

Continuous. Analytic. Thrifty. Our campaign management team leverages proprietary technology that learns over time which keywords and sites drive the best performance for your campaign. Then, this technology automatically shifts more of your ad dollars twice daily towards those elements. We call it conversion-based optimization. Our clients call it "magic."

See Conversion-based Optimization in action.

Engagement-based Optimization

Adaptive. Intelligent. Automatic. As users interact with your display ad, our technology keeps a close eye on the sites that result in higher conversion rates. Then it automatically allocates your budget by steering ad dollars towards the sites that are most cost-effective in bringing people to your business. The result? Each ad dollar goes further and your campaign just keeps getting better.


Targeted. Advanced.  Impactful. In a nutshell, Remarketing is a marketing tactic that works by showing your display ad to potential consumers who have previously visited your site through any of your ReachLocal ads. By targeting users who have already expressed interest by visiting your site, Remarketing reinforces your brand wherever they are online. Then Remarketing can bring potential customers back to your site which enhances your search engine marketing investment and moves the consumer closer to a sale.

Tracking and Reporting

Granular. Detailed. Thorough. We track all campaign activity and deliver data in detailed reports so you can evaluate true ROI at a glance with interactive graphs and charts. And because they’re available 24/7, you get the metrics you need whenever you want them. Take a look at our easy-to-read format with our sample reports (view sample reports: ReachDisplay™, ReachSearch™, TotalTrack®.)

Call Recording

Revealing. Illuminating. Constructive. Our unique Call Recording feature lets you listen to the full duration of each call generated by your ReachLocal campaign. You and your Internet Marketing Consultant can log on, listen and rate calls, or find a specialist at the ReachLocal Xchange who can help you discover new ways to boost training - and conversion. We’ll even keep recordings online up to 90 days so you can match them with caller details and deliver the best customer service possible.


4-Your dedicated local consultant, in reach.

Get the help you need with the personal attention you deserve from your dedicated Internet Marketing Consultant (IMC). Every IMC at ReachLocal is:

  • A true consultant. From the moment you join ReachLocal, your dedicated IMC takes the time to understand the details, goals and expectations of your business to create the local Internet advertising strategy that's right for you.
  • Fully qualified. By leveraging ReachLocal’s collective experience running hundreds of thousands of successful Internet advertising campaigns, our IMCs have unparalleled industry knowledge.
  • In your neighborhood. Since ReachLocal has over 30 offices in North America alone, there’s an IMC near you who can provide the guidance you're looking for, face-to-face.
  • Dedicated to your success. To cultivate the strongest long-term relationship with you, your IMC will deliver new Internet advertising opportunities to ensure your company’s success today and tomorrow.
  • Backed by a team of experts. To ensure optimal performance from your campaigns, your IMC is supported by the best campaign managers, client service reps, and support, search engine marketing and tech specialists.

What are you waiting for?  Call me today!

Christine Gubler



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