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10 Basic SEO tips anyone can do!

Last updated 6 years ago

If you have a business, you probably have a website, right?  If you have a website, you probably want to drive traffic to that site, right? 

Here is a list of things that you can do to increase traffic to your site and help you show up more often, in more places when people are searching for you or for what you do:

1.       Keywords, keywords, keywords.  It is important to have appropriate keywords on your site.  You can place them in your title tags, in your page headings, in your content, in your url’s and you can even title your images on your site with keywords.  Take a minute and think of the keywords that people would use to look for your business, just don’t keyword stuff your site, ie: put a ridiculous amount of keywords in your site, because you could be labeled as a keyword spammer. 

2.       Link to yourself There is probably not a more basic SEO strategy than using the integration of internal links into your site.  This is a very easy way to boost traffic to your individual pages.  Make it standard to link pages to other pages in your site when you are creating new content.   Again, don’t link every word on every page, use common sense and make sure each link is relevant to the content that is linked to.

3.       Site Maps You want the spiders to find your page, right?  Adding a site map to your page and linking each page to other pages on your site makes it easier for the spiders to search your site.  

4.       Keyword Rich URL’s.  If your business name doesn’t clearly define who you are, it’s probably not very helpful to use that name in your url.  Make sure that your url defines what you do because we’d rather you show up more often for those who don’t know you but need what you do.

5.       Flash.  Let’s avoid this.  I know it is pretty; however, pretty isn’t really the main goal of your website.  I’d hope that the main goal of your website was to be available when people are looking for what you do.  It might be pretty but it does nothing for your SEO.  Spiders can’t see flash and if you must use it, use it sparingly and always have text and navigation links below the fold.

6.       Describe your images.  Did you know that the spiders only search for text?  They can’t see all those pretty pictures on your site so it is important to name all of your images.  Make sure that the description is key-word rich and as descriptive as possible.  This is very valuable for SEO.

7.       Content.  You need a constant stream of new, fresh, relevant, keyword rich content on your site.  Updating regularly is very important for increasing traffic.  Have you ever wondered why so many business owners are blogging?  This is why.  If you are constantly posting new useful, informative content about your product or service you will have more opportunities to show up when people are searching what you do and…isn’t that the goal?

8.       Social Networking, Social Media.  It’s very important for you to have a social presence. It

's true, you need a Facebook fan page for your business and you need a twitter account.  I know, right.  If you would have told me this 4 years ago I would have laughed in your face.  Again, we want your business to show up more often and in more places.  Plus, your social authority is important.  The more fans and followers you have the more opportunities your business has to appear when people are searching for you.

9.       You link to me and I’ll link to you.  The more you are linking to other credible sites and the more links that are coming from other the credible sites, the better.  Develop relationships with other site, write thought provoking comments and include your site on blogs related to your industry, tweet, claim all of your listings on online yellow pages and similar sites.  Submit your posts to article sites.  The more links backs you have the merrier.  It’s easy, it’s free and it works.

10.   Online Reputation.  Make sure that you know what is being said about your business online.  If you have reviews, thank the reviewer.  If you don’t have reviews, now is the time to ask.  If you have bad reviews, apologize and tell them that you are willing to make things better.  Please don’t argue the facts, a simple sorry is the only way to respond to those type of reviews.  The reviewer will most likely NEVER read the review again; however, a lot of people look up reviews about your business before making a purchase so it’s important to respond accordingly.   There are a number of ways to get reviews:  you can ask by Facebooking it, tweeting it, have a contest in your office to see who can get the most online reviews.  Just ask.

Oh wait, what’s SEO?  SEO means search engine optimization and search engine optimization means… basically, it’s a way to optimize your website so that your website ranks higher on the search engines.  Make sense?   How about this?  Call me and I will explain this and so much more.  I even offer FREE WEB PRESENCE CONSULTATIONS!  Don’t wait…call today!


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